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Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished

Young Scholars (XUT 2019)

4-8 Sep 2019, Xi’an China



Xi’an University of Technology (XUT) is one of the key construction universities in Shaanxi province and one of the foundational capacity construction universities in “National Higher Education Revitalization Plan in Midwest China”. XUT is currently one of the research centers and cultivation bases for specialists in the fields of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Equipment Manufacturing, as well as Printing and Packaging in northwestern China. XUT is now sincerely to invite distinguished young scholars from both home and abroad to apply for the “Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (SRIS, 2019) ” to be held in Xi’an from4 to8, September 2019.


The objective of SRIS is to engage distinguished young scholars in hot issues in the forefront of international scholarly community as well as in individual and career development, and eventually build a platform for in-depth understanding and academic exchanges. Meanwhile, visiting scholars would have a better understanding of the development strategies in western China, Shaanxi province, and XUT. XUT would like to take this opportunity to facilitate the communication and cooperation between the visiting scholars and XUT faculty, and to introducetalents recruitment schemes to the symposium attendees to attract interested distinguished scholars to join in XUT.


This is thefourth time for XUT to hold SRIS as one of the branches of SRIS in ShaanxiProvince in 2019. SRIS consists of 1 Keynote Session,and Parallel Sessions. Keynote Session includes presentations about the development strategies, academics, faculty, research and postgraduate education in XUT. The parallel sessions in different schools consist of a series of activities including academic exchanges, lab tour, meetings with deans and members of faculty. Invited scholars can thus have a clear vision on the working environment, research, infrastructure, talents needs, etc. of the visited school.


SRIS 2019 is geared to distinguished young scholars from the following fields:

(1)机械与轻工Mechanics & Light Industry



Disciplinary fields:

Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, optical engineering, Printing and packaging technology and equipment, Light Industry Technology and Engineering etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Mechanical and Precision Instrument Engineering, School of Printing, Packaging, and Digital Media, etc.

(2)材料、物理、化学与数学Materials,Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics



Disciplinary fields:

Materials Science and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Science, etc.

(3)电子、信息与控制Electronics,Information & Control



Disciplinary fields:

Electronics Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology,Software Engineering, etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Automation and Information Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering, etc.

(4)水利、环境与土木water resources, environment, and civil engineering



Disciplinary fields:

Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanics, architecture, etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc.

(5)管理与经济Management & Economics



Disciplinary fields:

Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Economics and Management, etc.

(6)人文社科Humanities & Social Science



Disciplinary fields:

Ideological and Political Education, Marxism Theory, Foreign Languages and Literature, Design Science,etc.



Related Schools of XUT:

School of Marxism, School of Economics and Management,School of Humanities and Foreign Languages,School of Art and Design,etc.


2.申请条件Requirements for applicants


Applicants should be under the age of 40 (including 40) and have completed a Ph.D. degree with more than 2 years working or researching experience.


Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding academic accomplishments and reputation in a given field, having won the recognition in academic community.


Applicants should have a broad academic vision and innovative thinking with strong potential of future leadership in a given field.


Applicants should also be dedicated to research, abiding laws and professional ethics.




To apply for SRIS, please refer to “Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (XUT 2019)”on the home page of XUT, fill out the application form for SRIS (XUT,2019), and attach a CV.

上述《论坛参会申请表》和申请人简历作为附件一并发送至会务组电子邮箱:;电子邮件主题为: 丝路论坛申请—姓名—供职单位—首选交流学院。

The application form and CV should be sent to the secretariat as attachments at email The theme of the email should be “Application for SRIS—Name—current employer—School to visit”.

申请截至时间: 2019年8月20日

Application Deadline for SRIS 2019:  20 August, 2019

申请人简历主要信息为: 姓名、性别、出生年月、Email、现供职国家或地区、现供职机构单位、中国大陆手机号码(如有)、首选交流学院(1个)、补充交流学院(1个);个人教育和工作经历、研究领域及兴趣、学术业绩介绍(含论文清单),以及其他申请人认为必要的内容。以Word或PDF格式上传,中文或英文简历均可。

The attached CV should include the followinginformation: name, gender, date of birth, current working country or region, current employer, China mobile phone number (if any), preference for one School to exchange (only one), a supplementary choice of one School to exchange (only one), education background, research field and interest, academic achievements (including a list of publications), and other information that the applicant considers necessary.


Faculties in XUT can invite distinguished young scholars and fill out the application form on behalf of the invited scholars.



The registration for SRIS is open all day on 4 September(Wed) in the Lobby of Jianguo Hotel. 

活动一  参加陕西省丝绸之路青年学者主论坛(9月5日上午)

Activity 1: Attending the main session of Shaanxi Province Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Fourth Term)(5 September(Thur),a.m

活动二 参加西安理工大学丝绸之路青年学者分论坛(9月5日下午)

Activity 2: Attending the session of XUT Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Fourth Term))(5 September(Thur),p.m

活动三  参加学院报告会、交流、参观、座谈等(9月6日全天)

Activity 3: Attending the parallelsessions in different schools, meeting with school leaders/distinguished professors, Lab tour, etc.)(6 September(Fri)


We will update the specific activity schedule and arrangement, please keep your attention.


5. 特别说明Other Information


SRIS charges no registration fees. Domestic and international travel expenses will be reimbursed for each invited scholar. Accommodation during the symposium and airport/railway station ground transportation will be provided.

* 受邀青年学者根据研究领域及进展,可提前准备学术报告。

Invited young scholars can prepare academic reports in advance according to the research focus and progress.

*进一步咨询请发邮件至研讨会会务组邮箱:,或致电+86 29 8231 2318。

For further information about SRIS, please contact the secretariat by email or via phone at +86 29 8231 2318.


For information on XUT, please

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